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Conard Care Services

Elderly home care services in Northern Ireland

Why choose Conard Care?


We actively promote & encourage client independence as part of an holistic care programme at Conard Care.

Freedom to choose

We provide our clients with as much choice as possible in decisions taken relating to the care they receive.


Our clients are absolutely central to their care while we take the concerns of friends and family into consideration too.

Highly-trained carers

We provide specially-trained care assistants who are matched with clients according to their required skill-sets & care requirements.

Our Services

Elderly Care Support

Growing older shouldn’t mean losing independence. At Conard Care Services, we specialise in home care in Northern Ireland for the elderly and work to allow our clients the chance to continue living comfortable lives in the homes they’ve known their whole lives. Independence, together with dignity and choice, are what we believe to be fundamental in offering great, overall care.

Extra Care

Our Extra Care schemes offer clients access to high-quality care within purpose-build properties. While helping to maintain a sense of self-sufficiency, these ‘supported living’ residences have skilled care assistants are on-hand 24 hours a day to help when our clients require it.

Join the Conard Team

Become a Care Assistant

Care work can be an deeply rewarding experience. While certainly hard and challenging at times, being a care assistant can bring with it a considerable amount of personal satisfaction when you’re providing help to some of society’s most vulnerable people. As a care assistant, you’ll have the ability to make a meaningful contribution to a client’s overall well-being and see the direct results of your help. Some may be lonely, isolated, in pain or distressed but you’ll be the one providing peace-of-mind, not only to them but their families and friends, too. As a care assistant, you can be bring hope, inspiration or even just company to someone who most certainly needs it the most. Find our more about care assistant jobs in Northern Ireland with us at Conard Care Services.

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